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Founder, Music Director, and Conductor (1988 - present)
Molise Symphony Orchestra
Campobasso, Italy
Founder, Music Director, and Conductor (1980 - present)
”Franz Doppler” Musical Association
Rome, Italy
Music Director and Conductor (2004 - 2012)
Amiata International Festival
Siena, Italy
“Francesco Cilea”Conservatory of Music (1988-1991)
Reggio Calabria, Italy
General and Artistic Director (1988 - present)
AMTD Record
Rome, Italy
“Lorenzo Perosi”Conservatory of Music (1991-2012)
Campobasso, Italy
President, Music Director, and Conductor (2002 - present)
Foundation “Molise Regional Symphony Orchestra”
Rome, Italy
-“Francesco Cilea” Conservatory of Music (1979-1982)
Reggio Calabria, Italy
-“Lorenzo Perosi” Conservatory of Music (1983-1986)
Campobasso, Italy
-“Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Music (1987-1988)
Frosinone, Italy
-”Santa Cecilia” Conservatory of Music (2005-present)
Rome, Italy
V. President (1980 - 1982)
”Roman Philharmonic Orchestra”
Rome, Italy
Founder, Music Director, and Conductor (1980 - present)
”Teorema” Cultural Association
Rome, Italy
Italian flutist, musical director, conductor, Franz Albanese has enjoyed a worldwide career for more
than forty years. He studied at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome and at the Chigiana
Academy in Siena and holds a Doctorate in Musicology at the University of Bologna. He has
performed with brilliant success in over 64 countries worldwide as soloist and conductor. Eminent
composers have dedicated their works to him and his recordings of both contemporary and classical
pieces have won him enthusiastic praise from critics and public and have been broadcast on major
radio and television stations in Italy and abroad. Besides his presence as jury member in prestigious
international music competitions, his extensive teaching experience include the Federal Universities
of: Seville, Detroit, Atlanta, North Carolina, Rio de Janiero, Bogotà, Cork, Budapest, Montevideo,
Rosario, Peking, Panamà and the European Cultural University. He is president of the “Doppler"
musical association and for 25 years director of the Italian State Conservatory of Music in Italy.
From 1998 he is the principal conductor as well as artistic director of the Molise Symphony
Orchestra and Amiata Festival Siena. He is currently professor at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory
of music in Rome.