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Critical acclaim for Franz Albanese


…impeccable performance..(IL MESSAGGERO)
…precise and sensitive directing, musically exceptional, stylistically perfect..(IL TEMPO)
…sharp technical-expressive sensitivity.. (LA GAZZETTA DEL SUD)
…great maturity and professionality..(LA STAMPA)
…refined and profound interpreter..(STRUMENTI E MUSICA)
…impeccable technique, uncommon interpretive gifts..(L’AVVENIRE)
…a masters technique and interpretation.(IL CORRIERE)
…applause and ovations…a triumph..(AMERICA OGGI)
…the complete personality of a musician..(L’ECO DI BERGAMO)
…a fresh performance, spontaneous and very musical..(MUSICA E SCUOLA)
…knowledgeably accurate and alluring the interpretation given by M° Franz Albanese..(ILMEZZOGIORNO D’ITALIA)
…excellent the choir and orchestra, wonderfully conducted by Franz Albanese, whose punctual gesticulation evidenced admirable gifts of musical sensitivity and good taste..(IL CORRIERE DIROMA)
…interpretation rich in nuances and indubious emotional involvement..(IL GIORNALE)
…he revealed a profound knowledge of the score presented with uncommon temperament…the arms’ ductility together with a sober and passionate gesture, showed as a result of a precise physical and mental coordination, a reasoning, a respite..(IL CORRIERE)

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